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Description: The world is changing. Fast. But how fast? And where is it all going? Discover how the talk on Twitter can tell us what's on people's minds and how brands can stay ahead of what's happening.

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  • Cross-Border Advertising

    Twitter’s cross-border advertising tools help you reach people worldwide in just a few clicks. This course will show you how Twitter’s audience & tools can help you identify and target new markets effectively for your next big global campaign....

    • Path
    • Rating 4.2
    • Intermediate
    • Award
  • #FirstLook: Twitter Spaces

    Spaces are quickly becoming the go-to platform for live audio conversations online. In this course, we'll walk you through the basics of setting up your first Twitter Space, show you how to host and moderate your Space, and also...

    • Rating 4.0
  • Get Started On Twitter

    Earn the Get Started on Twitter Badge by scoring 80% or higher on the Get Started on Twitter assessment. Check out the full catalog of Get Started on Twitter courses and then test your knowledge to earn your badge!

    • Path
    • Duration 1.1h
    • Rating 4.7
    • Beginner
    • Award
  • Twitter for Creatives

    As a creative agency, it’s essential to wow your audience regularly. This course introduces you to Twitter’s creative tools & best practices and walks you through strategies brands are using to find success through creative on Twitter.

    • Path
    • Rating 4.3
    • Intermediate
    • Award