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  • Advertising on Twitter

    See why Twitter's audience sets it apart. Learn how Twitter's creative canvas helps you share your message effectively, and how targeting tools enable you to reach the audiences that matter most.

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    • Rating 4.6
  • Creating Videos for Twitter

    Content is king. Especially with video. In this course, you'll see why good video creative matters, how to optimize your video creative for Twitter's feed, and how Twitter's in-house teams can help you create content with thumb-stopping power.

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    • Rating 4.1
  • Finding your Audience

    Twitter's audience is what makes it such an effective platform for advertisers. In this course, you'll explore Twitter's targeting and audience features that allow you to reach your target audiences more effectively.

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    • Rating 3.8
  • Introduction to Twitter Ads Manager

    The Ads Manager is the central location for managing your advertising on Twitter. In this course, we'll explore how to set up your business on Twitter and take a brief tour of the Ads Manager interface and tools.

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    • Rating 4.4
  • Launching a Twitter Video Ad Campaign

    Video is a great way to grow your reach on Twitter. In this course, you'll see how to create Promoted Video campaigns, take over the timeline with a First View campaign, and how to get started with In-Stream Video Ads...

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    • Rating 4.1
  • Managing Creatives

    Creative is the driving force on Twitter. In this course, you'll see how to create copy and content that are in sync, how to optimize your content for a mobile feed, and how to manage your rich media using the...

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    • Rating 4.3
  • Reporting Basics: Did My Campaign Meet My Objectives

    Did my campaign succeed? That's what everyone wants to know. This course will show you how to interpret analytics and optimize campaigns, customize reports to fit your needs, and incorporate measurement tools to improve your knowledge of performance.

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    • Rating 4.1
  • Setting up a Campaign

    Running an effective campaign begins at setup. In this course, you’ll walk through the basics of setting up your first Twitter Ads campaign, explore the different campaign objectives, and see best practices for buying and bidding on Twitter.

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    • Rating 4.0
  • #TwitterFlightSchool Video Badge

    Earn the Twitter Flight School Video Badge by scoring 80% or higher on the Video Badge Assessment. You can test your knowledge by attempting the assessment now or after reviewing the Flight School Video Badge training courses.

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    • Rating 4.3
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  • Twitter Video Formats

    Video on Twitter is growing exponentially. In this course, you'll see how video is changing the way advertisers create content on Twitter, what types of video products Twitter offers, and how you can use those ads to share your message...

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    • Rating 3.3