Platform FAQs:

What is Twitter Flight School?
Twitter Flight School is an online learning platform that teaches you everything you need to know about advertising on Twitter. Whether you’re new to Twitter or a seasoned digital professional, Twitter Flight School offers courses tailored to every level of expertise.

Who is it for?
Whether you sit within an agency or a brand, are a Twitter partner, or are just looking for more marketing knowledge, we’ve got something for you. Twitter Flight School coursework is uniquely structured to let you pick and choose what you want to learn. Start with the fundamentals or jump into video campaigns — you decide if you want to work toward milestones or find something specific you need.

How do I get started?

  • Access our courses at
  • Browse our courses on the homepage. See something you like? Complete a brief online registration and get started!

Is a “certification” available?
We’re excited to offer “badges” for completion of certain coursework and assessments which you can display on LinkedIn or other social media platforms.

Are the courses available in multiple languages?
Yes, the courses are available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Arabic
  • Japanese
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Korean

How do I share feedback?
Please email us at

Can I delete my Twitter Flight School profile?
Yes. You can delete your Twitter Flight School account by going to your profile page and clicking “Delete profile” located below your avatar.

Are there any other Twitter education resources available?
For additional marketing insights and inspiration on why Twitter is valuable for your brand, visit

I need help with my ad campaign. Who can I contact?
Please reach out to

Badge FAQs:

What is Twitter Flight School?
Twitter Flight School is an online learning platform that teaches you everything you need to know about advertising on Twitter. Whether you’re new to Twitter or a seasoned digital professional, Twitter Flight School offers courses tailored to every level of expertise.

What is a Twitter Flight School Badge?
A Twitter Flight School Badge is an award demonstrating that you have achieved a level of skill through participation in our learning programs. A badge conveys the time and effort you put into mastering a given subject related to Twitter’s products and solutions.

How do I earn a Twitter Flight School Badge?
Twitter Flight School Badges are earned either by:

  • Participating in an instructor-led training program (not available in all locations); or
  • Reviewing online course materials and successfully passing assessments that make up the badge

How long does it take to earn a badge?
It takes approximately 2-4 hours to earn a badge depending on the amount of course content and your pre-existing expertise.

What badges are offered?
Currently, we offer a Twitter Video Badge. New badges may be offered periodically. Requirements for earning a badge may also change if substantial changes in Twitter products, solutions, or policies change. If a badge expires, you may be required to take a new set of course materials to earn the updated badge.

Is a badge the same as a certification?
No, although both can be displayed as credentials on your LinkedIn or other social media platforms, there are a few key differences:

  • Typically certifications take a significant length of time to complete, whereas badges take less time. Twitter Flight School Badges take approximately 2-4 hours to achieve.
  • Assessments within a certification are more formal than a badge; for example, certifications typically have a proctored examination while badges do not.
  • With a Flight School Badge, if you do not pass an assessment on your first try, you can review the material and take it again.

Is a badge associated with an individual?
Yes, a badge is associated with the individual who has earned the badge.

What happens to my badge if I change employers?
Your badge stays with your account and is attached to your original completion of the Flight School training. If you have added a personal email to your Twitter Flight School profile, you will be able to login and associate your badge with a new work email address.

If I feel I'm already an expert at a topic, do I still have to review all of the material?
No, if you believe you are already an expert in specific course content, you can jump ahead to the badge assessment. Should you attempt the assessment and are unsuccessful, you can review the content and attempt the assessment again.

Do I have to take all course content in a specific order?
No. You can tackle any of the courses that make up a badge in any order you like. However, if you are relatively new to any of the content in the courses that make up a badge, it’s recommended that you take the content in the prescribed order as content builds upon itself.

How many attempts do I have to earn a badge?
Earning a badge requires you to pass all course assessments within that badge. If you do not achieve a passing score of 80% or higher, you can retake the assessment. You must wait 24 hours before you can retake the badge assessment.

What If I'm not interested in earning a badge at this time? Can I jump to the specific content I'm interested in?
Yes, all content is available for both badge achievements and for just-in-time learning. When choosing the badge track, you will be required to complete a pre- and post-evaluation as well as pass all course assessments in order to receive the badge. If a badge is not your end goal at this time, you can preview content or target specific best practices, pro tips, or instructions using just-in-time courses.

Where and how can a badge be displayed?
Badges can be displayed via LinkedIn and other social media platforms or can be printed. Once you’ve completed your badge you can share your achievements to Twitter and LinkedIn under the Licenses & Certifications section of your profile.

How long is my badge valid?
The badge is valid for one year from the day awarded.

How do I renew my badge once it’s expired?
You can retake a badge assessment to reactivate it. Please note that the assessments questions may have changed since you first earned your badge, so be sure to review the associated content before attempting the assessment.

How do I share my badge?
All badges are shareable on social media:

Do other people on the platform see a badge?
By default, other users on the platform will not be able to see your badge. If you would like to change this, you will need to set your profile to "public.”

Can I share my badge with my employer?
Yes, you can send your employer your badge through the Badge URL or download a PDF and share through email.

Can a badge be revoked?
Yes, a badge can be revoked for failing to operate in accordance with Twitter Ads Policies.

Can I “test out” and earn a badge by just taking the assessment? How do I do this?
Yes. When you first sign into Flight School you will see an image on the homepage that directs you to the final badge assessment. If you choose to take this exam without reviewing the content, you will have one attempt to pass. If you do not score 80% or above the assessment will then be locked until you’ve completed the necessary training. Once you’ve reviewed the required content, the assessment will unlock, and you can take it again.